As a small independent business, our decision to participate in Black Friday isn't always easy. We can't keep up with the fast fashion brands, but here are our reasons why we do get involved in the biggest sale of the year:

  • It's a chance to say thank you and give back to my customers, who are have continuously supported my little brand even whilst i've taken 2 years off for maternity leave. You continue to buy my best selling designs and for that i'm so grateful!
  • We have a bunch of already made stock sitting in our stockroom which is destined for a new home. Selling it cheap and making little to no profit allows us to clear space, save money on storage costs and give these pieces the love they deserve.
  • We understand that our prices are not affordable for everyone, so for this one big shopping weekend of the year, it means those who couldn't usually afford Shop Fluffy clothes may just be able to. I hope that you do love your purchase, and will be a returning customer in the future. It's a win-win!
  • As a small business owner turned full time mum, these last 2 years have been a struggle. Making a big chunk of sales means I can reinvest that money right back into the business and be back with brand new designs for 2024! SO EXCITED!

Thank you for your endless support and love!